The wrong kind of Third Way

Samuel BrittanThe political process, far from correcting the distortions of unbridled capitalism, has made them worse, writes Samuel Brittan

After reading a long analysis on state intervention and market freedom (where a phrase can encapsulate the difficulties of trodding the middle ground) this would be another interesting article to be read. Its just like a book review of Supercapitalism: the Battle for Democracy in an Age of Big Business. Politics and bussiness how to get along.

The return of the state: How government is back at the heart of economic life

Their extreme complexity also makes the legislators’ task a nightmare. A problem identified by Rajan and Zingales is that “a truly free and competitive market occupies a very delicate middle ground between the absence of rules and the presence of suffocating rules. It is because this middle ground is so narrow that capitalism in its best form is very unstable.

WHO attacks ‘avoidable’ health inequalities

Very good report on heath. GDP doesn’t mean anything to health.

Voters need to hear the all-American story

Gideon RachmanBarack Obama shot to prominence four years ago at the Democratic convention with a ringing appeal for national unity. He would be well advised to hit the same themes on Thursday, writes Gideon Rachman

Don’t also forget the electifying speach in the Democratic party congregation. I watched Obama’s speach after Bill Clinton’s. Conclusion: the States are and will be a great county as long as they uphold the universal humanity values. The all-American dream (a great dream indeed). The Political Brain statement “But Mr Obama needs to present an image of a united, optimistic, all-American party.” A president of all.


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