Readin’ Books & Internet News

Got the supply of books ordered (24) – themes are mainly History-7 (EU, India-Mughal, Historiography, Britain, Lepanto, Power), Organization, 4 Bono’s thinking book, Chechnya, 2 satire book of O’Farrell, and not to forget 2 horse book.

Ramadhan is in it’s early weeks, I need to develop something on Tafsir Ibn Kathir, trying to finish it as a project this Ramadhan. Maybe not much time to read the FT. Spend some decent hours rading the opening of Ibn Kathir’s tafseer

Started with O’Farrell An Utterly Impartial History of Britain, Persuit of Power and Europe Since 1870. Reviewed Understanding Organization (an old book 1976 – I’m not born yet) very suitable book for me a non-bussiness student. Need to catch up with my Using the Financial Pages (FT guide book). Need to understand a bit on Monetary Policies and how it works… after reading Munhcau Maybe I need to get Freakonomiks book now!

Now is the wrong time to demand a rate cut

The ECB should treat a temporary fall in headline inflation just as it treated the temporary rise last year. It should ignore it, writes Wolfgang Münchau Aug 31 2008

But unsure when I will start writing my Journal paper and do Job Hunting. Hope I can manage it!

Yes, I’m a fructivist. My mission is to show you what you’re missing

George Monbiot: We have lost the sweetest of our native fruit: the only way to get it back is to grow it – even if that means guerrilla grafting

Interesting thinking – grow your own. I am an advocate of this… No to crampy urbanized life.

Brown must call time on the booze trade’s lack of restraint

    John Harris: The thwack of solid state intervention is the only answer to Britain’s binge drinking. A firm stance could help the PM too

    McCain’s gamble on Palin is shrewd

    Clive Crook weighs the Republican choice– Aug-31

    This is the correct notion for politics where it come back to character not necessary competence. “The point is simple: for this job, character trumps experience, especially Washington experience, every time. Voters know this even if the experts do not.”

    What do Americans make of Palin?

    A good one in Guardian.

    A large bill board discussing the need for more miners during the manpower shortage in 1947 Sep 2 2008: Analysts and the chancellor temper the bleakness of his Guardian interview

    31 August 2008
    For country or for ego?
    What the West does in order to expose scandals, we think we can do better. And indeed, we have.

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