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Post modernism – a Def

I was reading this book (In Defence of History by Richard J. Evans) and got confused by this post-modernism concept and philosophy… It started around the 80-90s and considered the world shifitng into chaos. Well this is the ‘fitnah’ period… we’ll get there soon. Hope I’m prepared… But still I’m considering whether I should continue reading or get  some-more basic notions right. True this is a very philosophical area and I’m really lost.

I need to work out more on this website http://www.history.ac.uk/

  • Maliki drops the mask

    Jonathan Steele: With his tough stance on US withdrawal, Sunni militias and the Kurds Iraq’s leader risks doom

I still can’t believe this politiking act in this war thorn country.

Governement to launch plan to produce more researchers

The “MyBrain15” programme, a critical agenda under the National Higher Education Strategic Plan to produce 100,000 researchers and PhD holders in 15 years, will be launched this month.

Pak Samad dies at 84

Media icon Tan Sri A. Samad Ismail, more affectionately known as Pak Samad, died yesterday at the Pantai Medical Centre here from lung infection and kidney failure.

Tide map Sep 4 2008: Harnessing the vast energy of the UK’s coastal tides could become much simpler and cheaper with a new design for the next generation of underwater turbines


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