Any future for Femtocells

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Speaker: Professor Simon Saunders
Title: Femtocells: Motivations, Market Progress and Remaining
Position: Chairman
Institution: The Femto Forum
Location: U13/15 BA building


Professor Simon Saunders is an independent wireless communications
specialist with more than 20 years industry experience. Simon has
consulted for a range of companies including O2, Ofcom, NTL, BT,
Motorola, BBC and many others. He is the author of books and articles
and is a regular speaker at industry conferences. In May 2007 Simon
was appointed to Ofcom’s Spectrum Advisory Board. He holds a PhD from
Brunel University and is currently a visiting professor at the
University of Surrey.

The presentation will provide up-to-the-minute news on why operators
and vendors are so keen to supplement existing macrocell networks with
femtocells. It will include background on the technical and economic
motivations, the state of adoption of the technology internationally,
and the latest progress and future plans within standards bodies and
the Femto Forum (


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